The future is here.

August 16, 2006


Futurismic is a website for people interested in the future and the effects of science and technology on the present. Futurismic comes in three parts: the blog section consists of short, well-written, opinionated introductions to content that exists elsewhere on the Internet. The columns section covers the same ground in more detail. Blog and column entries content include scientific advances; new technology and technological products; news about technology companies; descriptions of people impacted by technology; emergent cultural or social phenomena; or political issues that couldn’t exist in the absence of any of the above.

In Futurismic’s fiction section you’ll find innovative, exciting new stories that use the tools of speculative fiction to examine contemporary issues and take a look at what’s just around the corner. Futurismic’s fiction section, in other words, is an extrapolative complement to our blog entries and columns.


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