Looking out for trends in Japan.

August 19, 2006

CScout Trendberatung Japan


Japan is the most innovative and trendsetting country in the world with a great and still undeveloped potential for European companies. Japan’s Automotive Industry is the No.1 worldwide. Japan is the leading innovator of electronic appliances and gadgets. Japan is the birth place of the gaming market and boasts with the most advanced Mobile Communication Industry. It is wel-known for its Media, Manga/Anime, successful TV shows and series etc

The cultural heritages of both, Japan and Europe go far back in time and even today expose a big mystery to both. Japan has closed itself from influences of the West for a long time. The after-effects can still be felt today and need a deep understanding of the Mindsets and Behaviours. Built-up trust, face-to-face talks and language skills are obligatory in any undertakings in Japan.


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