August 28, 2006

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BlogWrite for CEOs

Debbie Weil on CEO blogs, writing a thought leadership blog and the corporate blogging phenomenon.

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Debbie Weil has a unique background as a veteran journalist with an MBA and corporate marketing experience. As a consultant, speaker and trainer, she shows large companies and organizations how to brand themselves as customer- and employee-friendly as well as media-savvy… by using blogs, RSS, podcasts, wikis and other social media.

She is sometimes called the, er, MonaLisaofBlogging. And she’s an almost Top 5,000 blogger according to Technorati. To be precise, her blog ranks 5,787 out of over 45 million blogs. Her blog BlogWriteForCEOs was recently named #8 in a list of the top 25 most influential authorities on business blogging.

Debbie is the author of the forthcoming The Corporate Blogging Book: Absolutely Everything You Need to Know to Get It Right to be published in August 2006 by Penguin Portfolio. Visit the accompanying book blog where you can download a free chapter.

She is also the publisher of award-winning WordBiz Report, read by over 18,500 subscribers in 87 countries.

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