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September 3, 2006

Imaginova is a leading science and technology media and commerce company targeting the “intellectually curious” in the consumer, education and professional markets.

Imaginova reaches the large, valuable “intellectually curious” audience with high quality editorial and products across our Media and Consumer Products & Experiences brand franchises. We partner with leading media, retail, and consumer product companies as well as key industry associations to deliver our products and services.

Imaginova was founded in 1999 as and the website of the same name was launched in July 1999 on the anniversary of Apollo 11’s moon landing.

In May 2004, we changed the name of the company to Imaginova to better reflect the strength of our core brands and to facilitate the expansion of our successful business model beyond the space category into other areas of science and technology. This model integrates traditional and new media into eCommerce and marketing platforms.

In 2005, Imaginova acquired Orion Telescopes & Binoculars® based in Watsonville, CA to expand our direct marketing and eCommerce infrastructure and target customer reach.


A blog about food, isn t so bad.

September 3, 2006 is a website about food.banner_over.gif

 The author is saying: is a website about food. Started in 1999 as an all-purpose blog, its focused switched entirely to food in May, 2006. I (author Meg Hourihan) am neither chef nor foodie nor critic. I prefer the label “food enthusiast.” I have worked in a variety of jobs — in a past life I was an internet entrepreneuer and co-founder of Pyra Labs, the company that produced Blogger. Pyra was acquired by Google in 2003. I am now spending my days exploring food through this website.

My approach to food blogging is guided by my varied food experiences. I’ve worked the ovens at a Cape Cod pie shop (worst moment: when my hand slipped into boiling blackberry pie), spent nine-hour shifts making ice cream in Cambridge MA (nothing bad about that), and worked garde manger at a restaurant on Nantucket Island, MA (see photo). I’ve read many many cookbooks and tried lots of recipes. I even took a one-day cooking class in Bangkok, but have yet to attempt to reproduce any Thai delights at home. Most importantly, I’ve loved food and cooking since approximately fourth grade, when I burned milk while making chocolate pudding after school.

This site is an excuse for me to follow my culinary curiosities wherever they may lead me. That means recipes some days, links others, some articles, some travel, and basically whatever I find interesting in the world of food. As my interests change, so will the content. It will not be limited to any specific topic except the broad one of “food”.


Marketing and having fun, both together.

September 3, 2006

Coolz0r – Marketing Thoughts

Creative Strategist at i-merge.  He loves marketing. He breathe marketing. Marketing is fun ! 
He is blogging a lot. He loves to be on top of new trends, right where they start.


An extra way of making good money.

September 3, 2006

AutoSkin is a digitally coloured skin for automobiles. You can have high resolution artwork emblazoned on the skin which is then bonded to the car and is indistinguishable from normal paint other than its photographic reproduction quality. AutoSkin has the double advantage of forming a protective coating which can be stripped off to reveal the original, as-new unblemished duco the car came with.

AutoProMotor is a you-drive, mobile billboard advertising campaign. Rent one of a fleet of Smart Cars for a minimum of one week with a partial AutoSkin wrap of your car for a daily rental fee.

InfoTowers is a promotional/directional, outdoor/indoor temporary signage tower that can be set up anywhere on level ground and is supported by an internal, engineered for safety, water ballast system. A minimum 4.5m2 per side up to 54m2 printable all sides for maximum exposure and visibility. It offers a short term rent/buy large signage presence for mobile events and promotions.