An extra way of making good money.

September 3, 2006


AutoSkin is a digitally coloured skin for automobiles. You can have high resolution artwork emblazoned on the skin which is then bonded to the car and is indistinguishable from normal paint other than its photographic reproduction quality. AutoSkin has the double advantage of forming a protective coating which can be stripped off to reveal the original, as-new unblemished duco the car came with.

AutoProMotor is a you-drive, mobile billboard advertising campaign. Rent one of a fleet of Smart Cars for a minimum of one week with a partial AutoSkin wrap of your car for a daily rental fee.

InfoTowers is a promotional/directional, outdoor/indoor temporary signage tower that can be set up anywhere on level ground and is supported by an internal, engineered for safety, water ballast system. A minimum 4.5m2 per side up to 54m2 printable all sides for maximum exposure and visibility. It offers a short term rent/buy large signage presence for mobile events and promotions.

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