Fourtitude, great stuff from Europe.

September 4, 2006


Fourtitude, the complete source for owners and enthusiasts of the automobiles produced by the Audi Brand Group from the latest Audi, Lamborghini and SEAT automobiles to the earliest offerings from Auto Union, NSU, DKW, Horch and Wanderer.

This new web publication is the first to offer full coverage of all brands the newly formed Audi Design Group, including the gone-but-not-forgotten Auto Union brands of Horch, DKW, NSU and Wanderer. Fourtitude offers the discussion forums, the latest news, feature cars, technical features, huge photo archives, an events calendar and more, all focused on these cars and the interests of their owners and enthusiasts.

What is “fourtitude”?

The underlying theme of 4 resounds within the Audi Brand Group,.

– 4 ring Audi Logo
– quattro all-wheel drive (quattro is Italian for 4)
– 4 brands forming Auto Union
– benchmark A4/S4 models which were instrumental in Audi’s modern resurgence.

The name combines the significance of Audi’s “four” with the word “fortitude,” meaning the strength of mind to encounter adversity with courage. This new word, Fourtitude, captures the very essence of the Audi owner’s personality.

Audi owners choose to do something different by purchasing an Audi. They choose to forego the trendiness of the ultimate driving machine or the three pointed star for what we believe to be a more intelligent choice.

Created by the team behind VWvortex.com, the world’s foremost Volkswagen enthusiast website, our staff are long-time owners and enthusiasts of these fine marques.

Here at Fourtitude, we hope you enjoy Audi, Lamborghini, SEAT and Auto Union as much as we do, and further encourage you to help us build this new website as the best possible source for their owners and enthusiasts.


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