Not only a good alternative when you plan to buy a camcorder

September 7, 2006


Established in the summer of 1997, CamcorderInfo.com is the largest, most comprehensive publication on the web for camcorder reviews and articles on video production and camcorder use. Attracting more than 12,000 visitors a day and catering to a community of 90,000 message board subscribers, the site has helped nearly 6 million consumers to date and is recognized as a leader among industry influentials and consumers alike.

Founder Robin Liss credits her company’s fast growing success to the group of individuals behind the scenes who possess extraordinary talents in delivering up-to-the-minute quality news pieces, as well as to the tremendous loyalty of CamcorderInfo.com customers and prosumers (professional consumers).

Each review on CamcorderInfo.com features a standard 22-point analysis that considers the camcorder’s video performance, low light performance, handling, ease of use, and other key areas. In addition to its informative news pieces, CamcorderInfo.com is also recognized for its extensive stock footage library, providing videographers around the world with free footage of “hard to reach” locations and subjects to use in their videos.

Since its launch, CamcorderInfo.com has garnered immense admiration from numerous trusted publications such as the New York Times, Yahoo! Internet Life and Forbes. It is also the number one search result in Google for the term, “camcorder reviews.” The site is the ultimate destination spot for everything camcorders – reviews, articles, ratings, product comparisons, footage, advice, and tips.

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