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September 9, 2006

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Studied Business Economics at the Erasmus University Rotterdam. Degree in Marketing & Strategy in 1997.

Followed by different full time jobs within a.o. Compaq (business research and Internet development), Reddion (managing consultant) and ManyCast (business development).

Currently, fully employed for Nuon NV as Program Manager Internet (Retail + Holding)

Freelance assignments for among others:
http://www.emerce.nl (book reviewer)
http://www.schiphol.nl (trendwatching)
http://www.ids-scheer.com (eMarketing)
http://www.quova.com (DRM)
http://www.mediarepublic.com (chatbots)
http://www.lostboys.com (eMarketing)
http://www.ricoh.com (eCRM/eServices)

Key expertise in strategy consulting, program management, business development, traditional and eMarketing, concepting and trend overviews.


Trends (technology, social cultural, economic), visions, marketing, business development, strategy, independent movies (FilmFestivals), music, travel, art, scuba diving, skiing, reading…


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