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Looking for some cool gadgets / design.

September 11, 2006

Rare Bird Finds

Rare Bird Finds was started by friends Sharla and Mei-Lynn because they were both always on the lookout for cool new things.

Mei-Lynn loves stumbling upon beautiful things to add to her collection. She just wishes she had all the money in the world so she could buy all the things her heart desires. Mei-Lynn is also CEO of HELLA GOOD LLC, a bath products company. You can visit their retail store online at Sharla is always on the lookout for the unique. She loves to support indie designers and is also known to treat herself to a designer dud every now and then. A mom to a precocious one year old and wife to one sweet guy she also loves to find goods to keep her home and family looking sharp. In her “ahem” spare time she also designs jewelry. View her collection at


Style and fashion all together

September 11, 2006

Hip Fashion Trends, Modern Style, and Cult Couture                                         Styleteria

Styleteria is a digest of Hip Fashion Trends, Modern Style, and Cult Couture discovered by our global network of trend hunters at TREND HUNTER Magazine.



Baby-boomers this is for you.

September 11, 2006

Smart Senior

Reviewing products and ideas to make

independent living safer and easier

This blog is just for seniors for the baby-boomers under us. Nice and good ideas will help us to get a save and healthy life.


Improve your home with efficient elements

September 11, 2006

fiber-optic-light-pavers.jpgHome Improvement Ideas 

Home Improvement Ideas shares new trends, technologies, and products.


Fantastic cool design, with inventive looks.

September 11, 2006


In an era where an abundant amount of “things” are being produced more

 than ever, it has never been more vital to have a “good design”. Fortunately,

 the world has grown aware of the value of a long lasting design.

We are pleased with this turn of events.

The have followed dictum that the proof of good design or true

design is to stand the test of time. In order to do that, first and

foremost, form must follow function. Objects must withstand daily

 wear and tear as well as survive changes in tastes and trends to

remain relevant and cherished. Many of the earliest designs are

still in demand and in production. It gives a great satisfaction to

have the opportunity to share it with the rest of the world.

At Yanko Design, they seek to share things with a thought.

Whatever you purchase it contains a deeper idea, beyond the

shape and superficial function. Some of these thoughts can

appear ingenious, while others are kind and rewarding.

Yanko Design will continue to offer design with clear thought,

created in order to achieve long lasting, everyday use and

above all – inspiration. For you, your children, and their

children’s children.


Not a bar or cafe but it is about Wifi and work

September 11, 2006

Web Worker Daily

Job security, forty hour weeks, two Martini lunches, ties, nylons and handwritten memos are now relics of the past, while freelancing, flex time, lattes, company t-shirts, jeans and email are de rigeur. An ‘office’ now includes idyllic campuses that can be lived in, well, to any sandy beach, rowdy bar or coffee roastery with Internet connections. Either way, you can wear pajamas to work.

Mobile electronics, wireless networks and online applications aren’t just shifting workflow paradigms, but also social etiquette, management policies and business models. A new tribe of bedouin has evolved, with laptops instead of camels, hopping between wifi hotspots like oases. It is high time that net set should openly, in the face of the whole world, publish their views, their aims, their tendencies,and meet the jet set with a manifesto: Web Worker Daily. Because inspiration is meant to be shared.