Innovation Watch, explore the future.

September 17, 2006

Innovation Watch.

 http://www.innovationwatch.com/trendwatch/ banner.jpg

Innovation Watch is the latest step in a personal exploration of ideas, innovation and the future. For many years, I’ve consulted to organizations to help them understand and cope with the challenges and opportunities of change. As a writer, I’ve followed developments in science, technology and business, seeking to understand and interpret their impact. On both a personal and professional level, I’ve reflected on the dynamics and consequences of social, political and environmental change.

An extraordinary future may be coming — the culmination of unprecedented growth in human knowledge, technology that borders on the inconceivable, and a globally connected world. This future could bring exceptional gains in the quality of human life, but it will also create new discontents. And the pressures of continued population growth will place new stresses on the planet. It appears ever more likely that we will face a future of increasing scarcity, growing environmental degradation, and widening disparities between the developed and developing world.

The future will emerge from the turbulent interplay of all of these forces. Small perturbations may have a disproportionate impact, tipping the balance suddenly in unexpected directions. Innovation Watch is a personal attempt to explore the dynamics of this emergent future, through the lens of history and the insights of complex systems science.


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