Balancing Work and Life.

September 25, 2006



This weblog contains a running account of David’s adventures creating a viable career as a craftsman/ writer/publisher after 50 years of corporate employment. The range of topics is a result of his curiosity about many things that are not David’s business.

You will find:

  • Essays about balancing work and life, and about business practices that are harmful to your sanity
  • Essays on achieving happines, creating lasting relationships, and living life to the fullest extent
  • Entertaining analyses of technological changes which will affect your life style and ability to produce income
  • Promising artists with unusual backgrounds and incredible talent
  • Interesting restaurants, interesting animals, humongeous racing boats
  • People who charm and entertain, musicians who lighten the heart, people who create wonderful food
  • People in distant places who bring us news of a world struggling to be free
  • People David would like you to know

When he discovered blogging, it caused him to look at life, and himself, in a totally different way. In the process of writing daily essays, He found new insights on a daily basis that allow him to address topics that he never wrote about before.


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