Eating – food and menus.

September 26, 2006

What we ‘re eating.


 Amanda ’ve been cooking since she was five and in the restaurant industry since 1996. She grew up in Virginia with a dad that went to culinary school (although he’s made his living as a soil scientist/bureaucrat). They always ate wonderfully growing up, and it really turned her into almost a “food snob”. After she moved to Baton Rouge to attend LSU, She realized that the food she was eating in the restaurants was second rate and that she could make nearly everything better herself. That’s the great thing about cooking, you get to cater your meals to your specific desires. For the past few years Tyler and she have been eating 3/4 of the meals out of the home kitchen, and loving every minute of it (unless she has a ‘culinary failure’). During the summer of 2005 she and her husband were inspired to start up a blog about food and here they are, now living in San Diego and continuing to blog and eat through a new town!


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