Design Blog from a successful group.

September 27, 2006



Design Public’s mission is to sell fresh and inspiring design with a continued commitment to educate, inspire, nurture, and celebrate great new design.

A Passionate Team
They’re a small company (just 6 full-time employees and a rotating collective of independent contributors) that wants to bring fresh new design to you. Design Public has never received any venture investment and grew solely through the hard work of the staff and the support of customers that called out for friendly fair service and an exciting collection of fresh and new modern design.

Forward Thinking
Remember the first time you realized you didn’t have to decorate like your parents? You were empowered to be yourself and let your personality shine through. That’s an incredible thing.  Be yourself. Discover. Learn. Create. Take an active role in personalizing your space and be happy dwelling in it. We get a thrill in helping you along your journey.

They’re excited about design today and where it’s going. What’s next? You know they will be there to cover it. they’re always on the lookout for the beautiful and useful. If you believe there is a designer or product line they should carry drop us a line; likewise, if you yourself are a designer and would like to see your visions materialize on the site, please contact them here.



  1. As a designer and a photgrapher i am constantly on the lookout for new initiatives. Great site!

  2. As a designer and a photographer i am constantly on the lookout for new initiatives. Great site!

  3. Great site from Amir coming soon.

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