The Beauty to Be a Man.

September 28, 2006



AskMen.com is a free online destination for men, a men’s portal, designed to provide men with daily features on subject matter that interests the general male population.

What is its mission? To offer men candid advice, that is useful, practical and entertaining. AskMen.com address issues regarding dating, women, fashion, money, fitness, and entertainment. Offering advice that is too complicated or unrealistic does not serve any viable purpose, therefore it deals with topics that can be incorporated into men’s daily lives.

Unlike other men’s sites or magazines, AskMen.com updates every day, with new articles that focus on matters that men deem relevant and practical. The site also provides men with helpful suggestions for everything from career advice and first dates, to gifts and efficient cars. Its objective is to help men.


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  1. to curse or speak abusively to someone. (5) you know? (1) 1. finicky or choosy

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