Not a blog but a special product. Have a look.

October 4, 2006



The Bodyflik is a simple, low-cost, hand-held squeegee that is used to sweep the water from your body before you use a towel. After a shower, bath, swim or sauna using the Bodyflik will easily remove up to 75% of the water from your body. This water then goes down the drain, not on your towel, so your towel will stay clean, warm and dry much longer. Because of the naturally curved gel blades of the Bodyflik it works on bodies of all shapes and sizes. The Bodyflik can eliminate the piles of damp and soggy towels hanging on your radiators, thereby cutting down on the condensation and mould produced in your bathroom. The Bodyflik is very hygienic, as, unlike a micro-towel, it has no fibres that retain moisture and let germs breed.


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