Urban Spaces, installing your loft.

October 8, 2006

Urban Spaces.


Located in the heart of loft friendly Clerkenwell, urban spaces is anything but your typical estate agency. Living local, our team of professional sales and lettings negotiators have come from a variety of fields of study such as architecture, design and law and now choose to market the properties and lifestyles they lead.

Maintaining our integrity and principals of architecture, urban spaces continue to remain faithful to the concept of loft living. To this we stand strong… if your space is not right for u.s. – we won’t market it.

Recognised as the specialist in the field of lofts and live/work space, we ask you to compare a two bedroom, 750 sq. ft. apartment to an open loft style space, also 750 sq. ft. What will sell for more? That depends on a lot of things you say – maybe the two bedroom flat, maybe the loft space? What we do know is that the loft buyer is not just looking for the property located within the trendiest postcode at the time; they’re after the unique space in the converted building, warehouse or school. It’s a specialist field that’s product led.


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  1. this is really good idea. good luck urbanspace team.

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