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Urban Spaces, installing your loft.

October 8, 2006

Urban Spaces.


Located in the heart of loft friendly Clerkenwell, urban spaces is anything but your typical estate agency. Living local, our team of professional sales and lettings negotiators have come from a variety of fields of study such as architecture, design and law and now choose to market the properties and lifestyles they lead.

Maintaining our integrity and principals of architecture, urban spaces continue to remain faithful to the concept of loft living. To this we stand strong… if your space is not right for u.s. – we won’t market it.

Recognised as the specialist in the field of lofts and live/work space, we ask you to compare a two bedroom, 750 sq. ft. apartment to an open loft style space, also 750 sq. ft. What will sell for more? That depends on a lot of things you say – maybe the two bedroom flat, maybe the loft space? What we do know is that the loft buyer is not just looking for the property located within the trendiest postcode at the time; they’re after the unique space in the converted building, warehouse or school. It’s a specialist field that’s product led.


Bicycles is different design including some inside information.

October 8, 2006

Bicycle design.


The design of a bicycle is always special. The frame is well designed and than all the techniques. This blog tells you about it.


GizMag the world of innovation.

October 7, 2006



Gizmag is a multiple-medium magazine with a bi-monthly print edition, free downloadable back issues, a free weekly email newsletter and a web site covering invention, innovation and emerging technologies.


PR, from a different Angle.

October 3, 2006



Chances are, as publicists could stand to think a little different. A little more “weird.” A little less by the book, and a little more “out there.” We could probably stand to try things a little differently. Things that weren’t “done that way before” because “we’ve always done them that way before.” We could probably stand to break a rule or two. Perhaps I can offer a few ways to help us think – just a little bit different. And that includes occasionally thinking about things that might not be 100% about PR. A Blog from Peter Shankman, CEO of The Geek Factory, a PR and Marketing boutique firm in New York City.


Innovative products collected by ProductDose.

October 2, 2006



Productdose began as a weblog dedicated to filtering the numerous choices offered to consumer product buyers online. Over time they discovered that users were not only interested in exceptional products, but they also wanted buying options for those products. In order to provide a greater purchasing experience for the users, productdose developed a shopping search engine to connect the editorial content to purchasing solutions. Now the readers are given a choice of multiple retail spaces where they can purchase the items they want. And productdose do all the leg-work!

Unlike offline magazines that rely heavily on the support of a few large consumer product companies that advertise in their pages, productdose was designed with a layer of independence between the products covered and the larger editorial agenda. Because productdose generates revenue via its unique shopping search engine that simply refers buyers to sellers, the site doesn’t need traditional advertising. There is no financial incentive for productdose to cover particular products over others, and the site lives apart from the conflict of interest that is inherent in the traditional publishing business.


News and information from Silicon Valley.

October 2, 2006



VentureBeat’s mission is to provide news and information about private companies and the venture capital that fuels them. It is the successor to SiliconBeat, co-founded and written by Matt Marshall.

Matt Marshall covered venture capital for the San Jose Mercury News until he left in Sept. 2006 to launch VentureBeat as an independent company.

VentureBeat will focus initially on Silicon Valley, and gradually expand to cover innovation hubs around the globe. Its mission in each region will be the same: to provide insider news and data about the entrepreneurial and venture community that is useful to decision makers.


Making You smarter.

October 2, 2006



Companies lives or dies by the information they gets… or misses. Being ahead of the game requires acces to the right information with the right analysis, quick and clear.

 Too many companies rely on an ad hoc, inefficient or misdirected process of gathering, analyzing and distributing the most important information about the world outside that impacts that company on a daily basis.