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Geek 24 Funny Geek Gadgets and Video’s.

October 7, 2006

Geek 24.


Geek 24 is your daily dose of geek. They talk about geek gadgets, technology and stuff that you – the ‘geek’ will like. There’s even some really funny & geeky videos, pictures and humorous jokes.


BIOS Blog, a new way of presenting the latest Technology.

October 5, 2006



The Internet is inundated with Web sites and Blogs dedicated to providing gadget and technology news, but there are few that specialise in providing content specific to small businesses. This quite often makes navigating for news, reviews and opinions on the latest IT issues unintuitive and frustrating. Product buyers are increasingly relying on the Web as their single source of information for news, reviews and opinions on the latest products and technologies, so the need for a reliable industry source has never been greater. BIOS satisfies the needs and wants of IT product buyers who need a single information source. The immediacy of the Internet also allows BIOS to deliver up-to-the-minute content along with supplemental information such as white papers, press releases and opinion pieces, which is why they’re a primary source of IT product information for over 350,000 readers every month. BIOS was launched in Feb 2003 and is a trademark of Black Letter Publishing Ltd.


Not a blog but a special product. Have a look.

October 4, 2006



The Bodyflik is a simple, low-cost, hand-held squeegee that is used to sweep the water from your body before you use a towel. After a shower, bath, swim or sauna using the Bodyflik will easily remove up to 75% of the water from your body. This water then goes down the drain, not on your towel, so your towel will stay clean, warm and dry much longer. Because of the naturally curved gel blades of the Bodyflik it works on bodies of all shapes and sizes. The Bodyflik can eliminate the piles of damp and soggy towels hanging on your radiators, thereby cutting down on the condensation and mould produced in your bathroom. The Bodyflik is very hygienic, as, unlike a micro-towel, it has no fibres that retain moisture and let germs breed.


Smart Ideas for daily useful tools.

October 3, 2006

Insight Out.


How Smart Ideas are created. Daily elements in new jackets.


An exciting Gadget Blog.

September 28, 2006



 Gizoo’s exciting blog. They will review the latest gadgets, gifts and gizmos that pass through the office as well give you an insight into the various experiences they go through to deliver this website.


Modern Baby products.

September 27, 2006



Are you a modern parent looking for cool and hip baby gear and accessories? Find great baby product designs in one place and simplify your life by reading


Cool News on Technology.

September 26, 2006



Fareastgizmo, brings you cool news on digital cameras, media devices, MP3 and more from the globe. They also review new designed products before they are in the stores.