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h1, is a lifestyle Blog.

October 5, 2006



Simply a Lifestyle Blog. Great in content.


ILounge, all about Ipod’s.

October 5, 2006



iLounge is an independent provider of information about Apple Computer Inc.’s iPod digital media players, accessories, and related software, published online at Based in Irvine, California, the iLounge website is owned and operated by Dennis Lloyd’s company The Media LLC, and is not affiliated with Apple Computer or the manufacturers of iPod-related products. They do not make or sell iPod services or products.


A varied of interests

October 4, 2006



A Source of varied interests for everyone, the weblog that never sleeps.


Urban & Retro is a lifestyle?

October 3, 2006

UrbanRetro Lifestyle.


Two very different lifestyles, Urban and Retro. Both of them however amaze us so we are here to tell you about everything we find. Think of this as a lifestyle magazine but with out the expense and with new features everyday (or every other day!!! we do need days off as well) plus something you will never get from a magazine – VIDEOS


Fashion – Trends and Travel.

October 2, 2006



is Europe’s leading exclusive fashion & beauty-specific “Start page” and fashion guide for everyone interested in fashion, style, beauty, luxury travel, lifestyle and design.
Whether you’re an industry professional or just an Internet user interested in fashion & style, this is the place to start your journey. (now 4 years old) is a 100%-Dutch initiative aimed at reaching as wide a fashion-minded public as possible. The main language of the site is English. has proved itself to be the largest and most user-friendly no-nonsense fashion, style and haute couture site on the web, with all the best hyperlinks to relevant subjects. encourages visitors to broaden their knowledge of fashion and style, to see fashion and style as something exciting, refreshing and innovative, and allows the site visitor to use the Internet to find just the information they want. has a comprehensive range of hyperlinks (now over 9,500 with descriptions) to enrich your life: links about fashion, style, lifestyle, luxury travel, design and – above all – exclusiveness! is subdivided thematically, with links to the widest possible range of subjects, including design, online shopping, lingerie, bridal fashion, designer labels and puts press releases and news reports about fashion, beauty and design in a separate section to enable you to present your products to a wide audience. has global reach because the main language of the site is English (aimed at the Dutch market). is simply the largest and most extensive ‘Start page’ and fashion webguide in Europe! offers the fashion and style-minded visitor user-friendly access to an easy-to-read listing of related websites.


New Trends and streetculture.

October 2, 2006



The idea of creating HighSnobiety came up in March 2005. An economics student, who never really knew why he was doing economics, finally started working on his real interests and for that needed a creative platform. HighSnobiety was created.

HighSnobiety tries on one side to be a filter for news and trends in the urban streetculture segment. Other than that HighSnobiety also creates its own content by having special features on outstanding people, stores or products.

Find fresh news on a daily basis on designer toys, sneakers, fashion, design in general and other topics that interest HighSnobiety.
Please feel free to contact HighSnobiety for suggestions, questions, tips or anything else. We are always open for interesting news and happenings in the urban gear sector.


For a Healthy life.

October 2, 2006

singleserve_header.gif is your resource for product reviews, news, and practical tips for living a more natural life.