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Anything Goes marketing, a good view on Marketing.

October 4, 2006

Anything Goes Marketing.


The concept of Anything Goes Marketing is simple: Don’t let theories or best practices restrict you when it comes to marketing – specificially B2B e-marketing. We all know that in marketing, anything goes and if you don’t, it’s time that you did. Expect to find tips and tricks to improve your online marketing skills and some harsh comments for poor camapigns, articles and posts that they come across – beware!


Creating Happy customers.

September 30, 2006



Creating products customers love is his passion. Good design results from a combination of insight, imagination, and know-how. This creative Jambalya is necessary for a successful and delicious product; and he happen to be a really great cook.


Perspective and Ideas on Marketing, eBusiness, Leadership, & Life

September 29, 2006

Decker Marketing.


Sam Decker has spent his career as a marketing leader in startups, as a consultant and recently for Dell — maximizing marketing, technology and online business results. As Senior Manager of Dell Consumer eBusiness for four years, Sam drove 4x growth in online conversion rates and consumer online sales of over $3 billion. Sam launched Dell’s Consumer CRM & Segmentation team, improving processes for sales call routing, direct mail, email, and customer experience.

Today, Sam is VP of Marketing & Products for Bazaarvoice (

Sam is a recent Green Belt, but a lifelong student of continuous marketing improvement through statistical analysis and creativity. He is also author of “301-do-it-yourself Marketing Ideas” and “How to Market with Computer User Groups.”

Sam holds a bachelor of sciences degree in business marketing management from California Polytechnic University, San Luis Obispo, California. He enjoys basketball, water-skiing, reading, movies, and any activity with his family.


From Strategic Planner to Music Producer.

September 28, 2006



Strategic planner, brand consultant, DJ, music producer, trends analyst and father of twins.

The cold hard facts.

1. Strategic Planner based in Toronto
2. Professional DJ, have played in clubs around the world
3. Music producer, record label owner
4. Hold a history and philosophy degree.
5. Trend watcher
6. Culture vulture
7. Fascinated with the fusion of culture and brands
8. Believe that digital media might, finally, be creating a better world
9. Like everyone, can’t stand 99% of all advertising
10. Always up for a game of golf, soccer or poker


Creative Marketing.

September 26, 2006



Creatives never sleep. They just park their heads to let the ideas develop in peace.


Brands and customer relationships.

September 25, 2006

Brand Builder


  • Helping companies fine-tune their:
  • – Relationship with their customers
  • – Branding and marketing strategies
  • – Communications architecture
  • – Reputations and buzz-worthiness
  • – Creativity and market relevance
  • h1

    Picturehoning, news from the mobile markets

    September 18, 2006


    l_pictu.gif covers the new world of picture and video phones, and more recently, RFID is produced by Emily Turrettini from Geneva, Switzerland